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What is Fabric?
Short description of
how fabrics are made.

How silk is made
Natural silks come
from a caterpillar.

Stone Wash
Technology used for
cloth's decoloration.

Antique Textiles
Japanese fabrics
for Kimonos and
traditional garments.

Swimsuits Bikinis
Latest fashion in
bathing suits, beach
clothing, swimwear.

Argentina Ski Resorts
Snowboarding vacations,
in south america.

Chilean Textiles for Sale

This is the discount fabric sales, textiles supplier, you are looking for. We are wholesalers of quality textile products and work with important Chile textiles sales companies. Countries as Canada, USA, Asian and European states, have already made free trade agreements with the chilean state, thus, giving both the possibility of making business with new non bureaucratic processes and tax barriers.
If you want to buy fabrics, we can provide them for you. So we do for department stores and supermarkets. If you are looking for special color fabrics we can find them or offer a dyeing service.
We have a direct contact with big chilean producers of fabrics and also relationship with Taiwan, Pakistan, Korea and China textiles industries. When you are looking up for special fabrics or textiles, and can't find them in your domestic market, we can make the effort to find them for you. We know where fashion fabrics auctions and textile bids are taking place.
If you need advisory, when shopping discount fabrics, we can suggest what kind of textiles you can use for different types of fashion garments or work garments. If you need modern fabrics or quality textiles, we can fabricate them according to your needs.
We export sewing fabrics to any country in the world. The chilean exports are growing, and our products are being solicited by overseas textile companies considering the quality that they present. Chile products, of threads and textile fabrics, achieve the international quality control standards thus, making them highly competitive and showing fabric sale and drapery export reveniew, as an important income for the country.
Fabric Sales and Clothes Manufacturing
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