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We are suppliers of chilean linen fabrics and textiles.There are different kinds of linen in the market. Now a days, linen textiles are not only fabricated with pure threads. You can find a vast range of blends with rayon, that enables the production of good quality stamped fabrics. Also blended with cotton it is possible to have nice stamped drapery. The pure natural linen textiles are used to produce decorative articles.

Flax natural textiles.

Linen has being used for more than 10,000 years, and surely is the oldest fiber utilized by mankind. It is produced from fibers of the flax plant. The egyptians used this fabric widely to cover their mummies and also to manufacture sandals. A wide variety of linen objects and artifacts have being found in old egyptian tombs.
Phoenicians used linen to fabricate their sailing canvas.

The famous Shroud of Turin is a raw linen fabric in wich Christ was covered after his death.

Old knitted fabrics of the sixteenth century were manufactured with hand smooth fine linen fibers. In order that fibers could stay soft while knitting them, the work was done in dark damp rooms. Only candle lights were admitted in those rooms so as to avoid the fabric discoloration.