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Screen Embroidery
Perfect factory of custom screen print & embroidery.

Prom Dresses

Prom dresses and
formal gowns.

Whole Sale Shoes

Comfortable shoes for
women at San Juan,
Puerto Rico.

Hawaiian Jewelry

Creating Hawaii's finest jewelry since 1924.

Daniels Jewelers

Wide selection of

Masters of Linen

The Irish Linen Guild
is a member of Masters
of Linen.

Cotton Scraps

Just Kidd'n makes
whimsical reversible
playwear for infants,
toddlers and kids.


Private sector, not
for profit, supporting
innovation, productivity
and excellence.

The Joy of Socks

Variety of novelty and fashion socks for men and women.

Japanese Kimono

Obi, haori, yukata, vintage
Kyoto Kimono.

Weaving Forms

Terms used in ballon
fabric creation. Basketry
weaves, loom weaves.

Belgium Linen

Largest linen manufacturer
in Belgium.

Art at Smithsonian

Discover the world of

State Art Watches

View the finest brand name
watches in the world.

Bali Clothing

Juwita Moon manufacturing
ladies and men clothing,
and fashion accessories.