Polyester fabrics and textiles.Polyester Textiles


Polyester Sewing Fabrics

Polyester Cotton 65%/35% Jacquard (Brocatto)
Width: 150 cm.
Rolls: 50 meters.
Use: tapestry.
Colors: different designs and colors.
Special Price: US $
Direct import / export US $ / meter, CNF. 1 container.

Polyester Wool 55%/45%

Width: 150 cm. Rolls: of 50 meters.
Use: fashion winter clothes, pants, jackets, dresses, etc,
Colors: most.
Weight: 380 grams per meter.
Special Price: US $ FOB

Polyester Rayon Spandex 40%/57%/3%
(Stretch Bengaline)
Width: 150 cm. Rolls: 50 meters.
Use: fashion summer clothes.
Colors: lines and background colors, brown, black,
tabac, etc.
Special Price: US$. FOB

Polyester Rayon 50%/50% (Trevira)
Width: 1.40 m.
Packing: 50 meters folded.
Efficiency: 280 grms. per meter.
Use: jogging suits, overalls, tablecloths, curtains, etc.
Colors: 40 different.
Special Price: US$. FOB

Polyester Microfiber 100% Sand Wash
Width : 1,50 m. Kind: waterproof.
Use: parkas, winter shirts, winter dresses,
wind jackets, etc.
Colors: Stone Blue, Beige, Gray, Dark Grey, Khaki.
Special Price: US$ FOB

Polyester 100% Mechanic
With: 144/147 cm. Rolls: 50 to 80 meters.
Use: jackets, skirts, pants, work and school uniforms, etc.
Colors: all.
Special Price: US$ FOB.

We work with fabric wholesalers, department stores and textile resellers, supplying quality polyester textiles. Polyester is a fiber developed during the 1950 decade and its utilization is overcomed only by cotton. The polyester fabric is a high resistant textile.
If you are looking for special polyester colors, we can provide them.
Synthetic fiber textiles.