Stone wash process.Stone Wash


Cloth Decoloration Technology

Fabrics made from celulose such as denim cottons, are very popular. After a certain time of use, these garments develope in their borders and sewing areas, different coloring fading depths.

To obtain this artyificial aging, manufacturers utilize different tecniques. One of them is the stone wash process. Wet clothes are revolved in machines together with pieces of volcanic stones (pumice stones), of sizes in between 1 and 8 inches. The abrasion caused by these stones, produce a decoloration effect.
Also, decolorations can be performed by chemicals mixed with small grains of pumice stone. These grains are saturated with chlorine and other products that act like bleachers.

Other tecniques for fabric decoloration is the utilization of ozone dissolved in liquid. This last process, avoids the use of pumice stones, wich can, very fast, deteriorate the discoloration machines.