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Sewing Wool Exports

Polyester Wool 55%/45%
Width: 150 cm. Rolls: of 50 meters.
Use: fashion winter clothes, pants, jackets, dresses, etc,
Colors: most.
Weight: 380 grams per meter.
Special Price: $4.370 + IVA / metro.

We are wholesalers, have quality wool and work with important chilean factories, distributors and also supply depatment stores and specialized fabric stores. If you are looking for wool fabric in special colors, we can find them for you.

Wool rugs and fabrics.

Wool Fibers

This is the most used natural fiber in Europe since ancient times. Wool is the name applied to the curly soft fibers obtained principally of lamb's hair. There are other animals that can provide wool fibers, but in less quantity: goats, camels, angora rabbits, yak, alpaca, etc.
Chemically speaking, wool is a proteic fiber called keratin, characterized by its thinness and elasticity. This attributes make them useful as textile fibers. They are lightweight, have isolation properties and are humidity absorbers.

Production of Wool

Around 40% of wool production in the world is obtained from merino lambs, and other 40% from a variety of hybrids related to this lamb. Actually there are a billion animals used in the production of wool. Australia is the biggest first productor of wool, followed by the old Soviet Union, China, New Zealand and South Africa. In Latin America, the most known wools come from Argentina and Uruguay. The biggest buyers and consumers of wool are USA, Japan and Occidental Europe.

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